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Selling your house: Tips, Tricks & Advice

Is the sale of your property worthwhile? It is not easy to evaluate one’s own little-used property or one’s own home online. An expert, on the other hand, becomes expensive for the first consideration, the procedure probably requires a considerable amount of money until the usable property valuation is on the table. We have compiled all the studies and data to give you a guide to the current market situation in Berlin. Completed in 1930 or 1990, many people are asking themselves this question at this very moment: how much could we realistically ask for a house worth renovating? It is difficult to determine the value of the house yourself, but at least you can get an approximate idea of the market value of the home or condominium. In order to seriously determine your home of one’s own, costs of construction are determined beforehand, An appraisal of the value of your home after divorce or after inheritance causes expenses. Whether divorce, inheritance or professional renewal, for many Berliners the first sale of the house is scheduled for this year.


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